Last night's dinner

Last night's dinner was hotpot/shabu-shabu. Though I suppose there wasn't much shabu-shabuing going on. We got quite full on dumplings, mushrooms, tofu and soup. Note for next time: DO NOT FILL UP ON SOUP! We thought we bought quite little food but we had food left over which is now living in my friend's fridge.

A few friends and I had dinner at a friend's apartment. She lives in a place that I didn't know had people living in it. It used to be an office and from the street there's no indication that people live there. Which is good, I guess. Too lazy and sleepy to write. So this shall be mostly photos.I gave up coffee and chocolate for Lent ( Second day without coffee and I'm so sleepy all the time. Going to stock up on expensive fruit juice that gives you energy or something. XD

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