1/6th of 2011 gone and I just got a diary

$3 from Officeworks. Discounted.

I guess I left diary buying too late? I kept putting it off and off and off. Some were really pretty but expensive. Some were cheap and not pretty. This one - well, it's boring. But it'll do it's job. They didn't have much variety in Officeworks. They were mostly all gone and if they weren't they were 2011-2012 financial planners out that starts their planners at July 2011. 

It was really hard going through the first 2 months of the year without a diary. I can't keep track of plans (not that I have SUCH an exciting social life that I need to keep track of it all). People use the calendars on their phones but I'm old school and I love writing it down. I write down events and assessments and make future plans. Postpone future plans. All in a little diary planner thing. This one is pretty ugly. Last year's one was from Kinokuniya bought with a gift certificate I got for my birthday. It was a Cher (a Japanese fashion brand) one. I really liked it. Had the time on the side so you could write down what you had at a particular time. I was planning to buy the same version for 2011 but it was around 30 bucks and I kept putting it off until it wasn't in Kinokuniya anymore. What I would really like as a diary/planner is one of the Moleskine ones or a Louis Vuitton one (costs a few hundred bucks and the inserts - which are JUST paper - are quite expensive too). Ah, well, I'll be sure to buy early for 2012.

On the upside it's 65% recycled and "emissions from the manufacturing process, transport and disposal of this diary have been offset ... ".

$6.48 from Officeworks (hilighters only).

Oh, yeah and assorted hilighters. I really got sucked in by that ad. Apparently you can leave the caps off for ages and they still work.

First day of uni (only 3 more semesters to go you guys!) 4 HOURS OF LECTURES. I had only 1 hour of sleep and boring, unimpressive lecturing does not keep me awake!

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