The Hunger Games: Book One

So I finally finished it despite buying the trilogy in mid-February. When I say "finished" I mean just the first book. I'm sort of upset with who was cast as  Katniss in the film version of this book. I think an unknown or lesser known actress would have been better. The actress (her name escapes me and I don't care enough about her to look it up) reminds me of Spencer Pratt's sister. The one from that reality TV show. I cannot unsee that and I feel that will ruin my enjoyment of the film version. There are some really spectacular moments in this book, that if shot properly, would be such an amazing visual spectacle.

It took me a while to get into reading it properly. It didn't engage me right away. Like that first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone though not as tough to get through as that. You're introducing the reader to a different world and sometimes in the process of doing that, well, it gets boring. The writing gets better as the novel continues. At first, there was something so impersonal about the narration but then you get used to it or the writing gets better. I didn't like Katniss straight away either. She felt too Mary-Sue-ish and kind of oblivious in that heroine way. But I'm glad she was capable and not completely dependent on other characters. At times I thought the gender roles to be very reversed which amused me muchly. A very strong female lead. Very grateful for that.

I got some Battle Royale flashbacks as I read it. I think Japanese filmmakers have the sensibility to take a deadly survival game and make it more than just an action flick. American filmmakers, well, I haven't seen a film equivalent in tone and style as Battle Royale save for the Kill Bill films but those are likely the exceptions rather than the rule.

I didn't know who was the male lead in this series as we're introduced to Gale first then Peeta. Oh, and this book does some wonderful fanservice. Like something out of a shoujo manga, I felt, sometimes, which is a good thing.

AND PEETA. Another fictional character that has ruined me for men that actually exist (the others include Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice like you didn't know and Sawada Shin from Gokusen).

I want to get a start on reading the second book but tomorrow's Monday and I have uni stuff to read. BOO.

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