Birthdays and boardgames

Trying to take my mind off the Japan earthquake and tsunami for a while. I've been glued to the news and it just keeps getting worse as time goes on.

As the title suggests I attended a birthday party and played board games. We played Jenga and Junior Pictionary. The instructions and rules for Junior Pictionary were so hard to understand, you guys. This game is for children. The instructions should be written in a way that's much less complicated. We just played according to our own interpretation of the rules.

When was the last time you got a party bag? It had random food stuff inside but also plastic bangles, a necklace and a ring that could only fit on my pinky!

We tried to play Trivial Pursuit but the pieces of the pie thing were stuck. Basically, it was too hard to set up. XD

We gave Jenga a shot because it was much, much easier to play. Involved almost no brain power! 

Moved on to Junior Pictionary and realised that we couldn't draw. 

I'll give you hints (from L to R): Thing that begins with R (2 words); Storybook character; a type of animal.
Yeah, and I laugh at Sho (if you don't know he is - member of my favourite everything Arashi. Infamous for his lack of drawing skills. Examples of his stuff here --> 
People in glass houses ...

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