ZOZO Korean Restaurant, World Square

After visiting UNSW some friends and I headed over to the city for some Korean food. Korean food - it's been so long!
Cass beer. $6.00
불닭/buldak. Hot and spciy chicken. $28.00.
This was really spicy. Good but spicy. Hurts. Cheese costs extra. You'll need lots of refills of your water bottle. Has some ddeokbokki (rice cake) in it too.

김치 찌개/kim chi jjigae.
You probably can't tell from the photo that it's kim chi jjigae. Had some tofu, kim chi and pork in it. I mostly just ate the tofu. I love tofu.

Fried rice
Tasted like super supreme pizza in fried rice form. More mediterranean in taste than it is Korean.

계란 찜/steamed egg.
I love this. Such a departure from the very spicy buldak. So soothing and very welcome. It would be amazing for breakfast on a cold winter's morning. Wish I could make this at home!

My friend shouted us all dinner. It was pretty expensive for Korean - $97.00 - though $24 of that was for beer. Told her I'd shout her ice-cream next time. XD
  • Find Zozo Korean Restaurant at World Square, Liverpool Street, Sydney.

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