The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Self, you suck at being a law student.

So, instead of sleeping last night I spent most of it devouring Catching Fire the second book in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy. Damn book and cliffhangers hanging at the close of every chapter. Not just that, I read Mark's recap/reviews after every chapter I finished. I finally got to sleep around 6am since my eyes would not stay open any more.

Collins' writing has improved but still flawed in some parts, like she doesn't know how to express some parts or convey them well enough that she just tries to get past them as quickly as possible. This is such a better book than the first. Since the world has already been established it's much more fun to just jump straight into the action rather than building up to it and explaining and introducing many other things.

Storywise it's kind of amazing. Fast-paced (sometimes rushed) and unpredictable. Unputdownable too. Obviously, since I DIDN'T REALLY SLEEP. I can't believe it took me a while to start reading this. I have uni tomorrow and I don't know if I can do my uni readings and finish the last book.

TEAM PEETA, by the way. XD

Also, not much of a review or post or whatever. But words fail me. >.<

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