Last Night: Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke

To celebrate or just to acknowledge the end of the dreaded first week back at uni my friends and I went to Mizuya for din dins (you know, dinner XD). I only had my crappy and slightly broken point and shoot with me. Need to get a new one or get this old one fixed!

Mizuya is a Japanese restaurant on George St. I've been there once but on the other side where all the karaoke rooms are. Really nice private rooms. The karaoke system they had there at the time didn't have all the songs that we wanted to sing but PRIVATE ROOM and TOUCH SCREEN was pretty awesome.

The dining side of Mizuya is slightly noisy and busy when we get there at around 8pm. I love the little booths because they offer privacy. And the noise is kinda welcome since you can converse loudly and not be shy about it and it's likely you won't be overheard. It makes me want to go back to Japan so badly!

Asahi draft beer. $7.50
Oh, beer. It's been a long time. I need to have more of you.

Silver fish with seaweed salt. $5.80
Tastes nothing like fish. Tastes like chips. I've never had it before and I could have gone for more plates of these. This with beer. Great beer snack!

Home made pork gyoza. $6.80
I have been craving gyoza for ages. Well, ever since I watched Toda Erika gobble them down in the Japanese drama Keizoku 2: SPEC (Google is your friend). These don't look as tasty as the one's Toda Erika eats. Not as crispy. Actually, I've never really seen any in Sydney that looks like the gyoza in Japanese dramas. I need to do more searching!

From top left to right: Scallop kushiyaki. $6.80; BBQ marbled beef steak. $14.80; Salmon carpaccio. $9.80.
Beef and salmon were amazing. I haven't had beef in a long time. I didn't know I missed it this much! Only thing missing was a bowl of piping hot rice. The salmon carpaccio was amazing too. Think I'm going to order salmon like this instead more instead of the normal salmon sashimi.

Salmon and avocado roll. $11.80.
Mizuya dessert trio. $13.80.
I don't know what they syrup thing in the middle was. Great way to end the meal. Great presentation too.

Overall, the atmosphere was pretty good. I could have ordered and eaten more. I would have tried more things but it is sort of pricey. We divided up the bill and it turned out around $30 per person (there were only 3 of us). Usually when we eat out it's something like $20 per person and a fairly substantial meal has been had. I still had room in my stomach after we ate. I'd go again, when I have enough money in my pocket to order more and more of the menu!

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