Because we need more izakayas!

Important and interesting parts bolded!
"Adam Liaw hopes to bring a little bit of Tokyo to Sydney later this year when he opens his first restaurant in Surry Hills.

The 2010 MasterChef winner, who worked as a lawyer in the Japanese city for six years, is aiming to open the doors of his izakaya-style venue in August or September.

An izakaya is a relaxed pub style of dining popular in Japan for its sociable atmosphere and focus on both food and drinks. Dishes are served tapas style and often include a range of yakitori skewers.

It is a dining style that is growing in popularity in Sydney - one opened in Newtown last year and there are others dotted throughout the city.

Liaw says his version will be "really casual, authentic Japanese" with a great beer selection."
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So, I want his lawyer job in Japan. Whatever it was. That would be just amazing. Though, what was his job? Since the law in Japan is different to the law in Australia.

And beer! YAY!

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