Jin Akanishi to be in "47 RONIN"

... is what I found when I opened up my email.

This is big right?
"Jin Akanishi has joined the cast of "47RONIN" for Universal Pictures. Keanu Reeves is the leading actor. Carl Rinsch is directing this movie from a screenplay by Chris Morgan.
In 2012 winter, this spectacular Hollywood movie "47RONIN" is going to premiere worldwide.
Jin's Hollywood acting debut is the role of Oishi Chikara, Keanu Reeves' character Kai's best friend and son of Oishi Kuranosuke.

<<Message from Jin>>
I am really excited that this work based on such an important subject for Japanese people as "47RONIN" is going to become an epic Hollywood production, and that it will also be presented in 3D. Being able to co-star with Keanu and other brilliant actors, and all together to weave a worldwide production makes me feel a sense of fulfillment. From now on I want to sharpen my sensibility, and to push forward without changing my stance, in order to be active in both music and acting around the world without borders.

Producer: Universal Pictures/ Distributor: TOHO-TOWA/American film
Director: Carl Rinsch / Screenplay: Chris Morgan ("Wanted")

For the latest official information:"
Wonder if it'll be in English or Japanese. Or a mixture like The Last Samurai or from what I can remember of that film. I didn't really sit through it all.

3D? Unnecessary. Who wants to bet that Jin's message was in Japanese and then translated into English. I do not imagine him having that much control of the English language.

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