Start of April in fake vintage photo style

Trying out a vintage photoshop effect (tutorial here) I found since I think photos sometimes look better when edited. Posting the photos from my flickr account. My birthday is soon as is my promised birthday flickr Pro account. XD

Obligatory posing at that place in the middle of the Basser steps overlooking the Quad. Always a line on graduation days. Although you never really go there at any other time of your uni life at UNSW.

Everyone wants a photo with him. Such a popular teacher. Although, since leaving UNSW, my Korean has drastically deterioated.

Food court

UNSW library
The Hyde
The Hyde. I remember when there was nothing there and they were just starting construction on it. I'm so old, you guys.

Liverpool Street
Mother's Crepe
World Square

After the graduation we had dinner at BBQ City. That post will come tomorrow. Or later because I have an essay to write and I've wasted too much time already! One more for the road!

Complete camera accident by the way. My P&S wouldn't focus or my hand was wobbly and I hate flash and tada!

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