McCAIN Sweet Potato Super Fries Crinkle Cut

So, advertising works on me.


I kept seeing ads for these and I finally went to the grocery store to pick some up. I chose crinkle cut because I love crinkle cut but they come in Thin Cut as well. I bought this on a whim and also because all the commercials were telling me that it was good for me and mightily delicious as well.


Instructions on the pack said to bake them on one side for 10 minutes and then turn them and bake the other side for 10 minutes at 230 (210 in fan forced oven) degrees Celsius. My oven is old and broken and the knob for the oven, where you set the temperatures, has no more numbers on it. So I guesstimate temperature now when I bake. For frozen food you can just check by tasting and touching. It's much harder having an oven without numbers when you bake cake. XD


The verdict? Well, it tastes very much like sweet potato. At least, from what I can remember from the last time I ate sweet potato. Unlike normal potato fries (ugh, I hate using the word fries. CHIPS!), I got really full from them after a few pieces. Although, I did just eat before I ate these and perhaps I wasn't as hungry. The flavour of normal potato chips is plain so I guess you don't really get tired the taste that quickly. Whereas, these sweet potato chips actually have some flavour and taste to them on their own that might be too much for those not used to the taste of sweet potato, such as myself.

I'm going to give them another try though because I still have half a packet left. Maybe my first impression was due to having already eaten prior to tasting. By the way, why is the packet so small? I picked it up from amongst the giant bags of frozen chips and wedges in the freezer. Looked much too small.

Okay, off to bake a second batch!

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