Bruno Mars is in Sydney!

He's playing a show at Luna Park tonight and boo, self, I should have bought tickets. I love his songs and his performance style and he's half-Filo which is a plus too! Filo pride!

He's been getting great reviews for his concert especially 'the part when he asked fans to put their cameras down and "just have fun with us"'. I totally understand this. In this age of internet and YouTube and digital cameras people just fail to enjoy the moment. They have to capture the moment so they can relive the moment again or share it with others. Which is fine. But in the process - don't miss the moment!

A few Filipino bloggers blogged about his concert in Manila. I also saw an interview from the Philippines with his mother and sister - both so beautiful - on YouTube. I do feel kinda proud. It's weird right? XD

Birthday is soon! I'm making birthday lists!

Also, Gakkenflex TLR still in Kinokuniya in Sydney! 4 left. I counted. I'm heading back to the city tomorrow to buy one. PLEASE STILL BE THERE!

Pulling an all-nighter to finish an essay! COFFEE HERE I COME!

Also, welcome to my FIRST and ONE and ONLY public follower - Lil!


Okay, back to essay. After I hand it in before 5 (or is it 6?) tomorrow I'm buying a bottle of wine and drinking it!

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