Sapporo - the beer not the place


I was in Dan Murphy's, a liquor store, yesterday. It's so big and clean and has a wide variety of products. Well, compared to the usual liquor stores I frequent. While looking for a 6 pack of beer (the 5 seeds cider one -  6x345ml = $12.90) I happened upon this 650ml can of Sapporo. There was a 6 pack of Sapporo in bottles but I had no trolley and didn't want to risk carrying two 6 packs at the one time. Also saw Asahi but no Kirin Green Label. The search continues! Well, I didn't really search the entire store. It was a very quick visit.


Anyway, back to the Sapporo. 650ml for $7.99. I have no occasion to drink it yet. Not really been in the mood and I'm still fighting a cold. The can feels heavy and looks giant in my hand. Don't think I could drink it in one sitting. Well, I could. But the can looks intimidating. XD

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