1 done, 2 to go. Let's play catch up!

It feels like so long since I posted! Had my first of three exams today. Equity and Trusts. I just want to pass so I never have to do it again. I think I did okay it's just that I know I could have done better. I don't think it was terribly hard it's just that I didn't read enough or practise how to write an answer enough. Next exam is next Monday and last exam is next Tuesday so almost done! Though, I'm planning on catching a movie (namely Bridesmaids, I didn't get tickets to Norwegian Wood. It was sold out by the time I got around to buying tickets) on Thursday and I think Supanova is this weekend. I was planning on dressing up for it but I have nothing to dress up as. I think I'll just wear my Minnie Mouse ears.

This came in the mail today. I filled out the Nuffnang Australia's Blogger Survey because I wanted a movie voucher. XDDDD So, thanks Nuffnang!

Maxwell House
Lotte Custard Cream Cakes & Maxwell House
Lotte Custard Cream Cakes $2.49
Maxwell House Original $0.99 - I love canned coffee. Love love love.

From the supermarket in Town Hall. The nice big new one. I had time to kill before my train because I didn't want to catch a peak hour one. It's nice and big and has a variety of things. It's good to have at Town Hall because the only other similar type of supermarket I know of is at Market City and some times you might just be lazy to walk all the way there. XD

Plan for the rest of tonight is to watch the rest of Jekyll. If you're in Doctor Who withdrawal like I am Steven Moffat penned Jekyll so you get to see 6 episodes of how he works as a writer. Seriously, I was just drawing comparisons between Jekyll and Doctor Who. Not plot wise but writing, pacing and characters. If you're looking for it you can spot it. And, most interestingly, you can watch Moffat not giving you answers but more questions for the whole time. I've only the seen the first 4 eps and it's just - no answers. Just so like Moffat. Such a tease.

On the long weekend a bunch of friends of I went to my friend's house which is past Richmond. So far away and she travels all the way to the city for uni. She lives BEYOND RICHMOND. Richmond itself was so far away. She has 2 horses at her house and little phone reception. I didn't realise that ROAMING depletes your battery. I had my phone plugged into the charger overnight and I woke up and it's like it didn't charge at all. It's because it was roaming. I didn't know that. XD

Doctor Who "A Good Man Goes to War" was on repeat on Sunday night and I watched it at my friend's house on our sleepover. It was funny to watch it with people who have never seen it before because they have no context for anything. The episode itself was not a good one for a newcomer to watch because it required knowledge of previous things. If you want to get into the show and don't really want to start from the beginning (and when I say beginning I mean of New Who not the old, olde ones) "Blink", "Girl in the Fireplace" and "The Doctor's Wife" are great standalone episodes to watch.

So, we were watching and my friends are like:

"Is the Doctor a scientist?"
"Why is he called Doctor Who?"
"Who's the girl?"
"Does he always travel with a girl?"
"Does he has powers?"
"How does he travel through time?"
"Oh, is THAT the Doctor?" - because they hadn't seen it they didn't know which of the many characters on screen he was.
"Who is she?" - in reference to River Song. And I'm like "You get to find out in this episode and it'd probably mean more to you if you knew who any of these people were."

My friend's mum and brother were surprised by the reveal - which I'm not going to spoil. I think people on the internet were the only ones who really theorised and speculated in depth and guessed it and obviously, whoever she turned out to be it was going to be disappointing. I said I guessed it. But not on my own. I think I just read someone's theory and just jumped on that bandwagon.

... did I lose you here? XD

I'm off to eat and watch stuff and have some left over beer from the long weekend. Hope you're all good too!

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