Sushi Samurai, Pyrmont

So, after Supanova my friend and I headed to the city for a friend's belated birthday dinner. And, yay, sushi! I remember there being a menu online and I was going to name the dishes but I couldn't find the menu online and I don't remember the names. Bad blogger. XD

Sushi Samurai, Pyrmont
It was pretty cosy inside. Not too big but not tiny.

They have Sapporo on tap! Comes in 2 sizes: small and large. I order large. It was $9.50 for large which was about 350 or 390mL. I don't remember exactly but somewhere around there.

Warm sake! Been so long!

I'm missing a photo of the salad. But you can picture salad, right? Salad with bits of sashimi in it.

Cake from 98 85 Degrees.

The sushi was amazing. Just amazing. Love the sashimi. Tempura was okay. Nice and warm but the sushi ... hearts hearts hearts. Wasn't too bad price wise but I was with a group of 9 and in retrospect we didn't really pig out. But still a good feed!

  • Find Sushi Samurai at 16-30 Bunn Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009.

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