Jazz City Diner

Jazz City Diner is an American '50s style diner in Darlinghurst. Charmed by the prospect of amazing burgers we went. That day, initally, we were meant to try out the food court in Westfield Sydney. Obviously, that didn't happen. We went there for dinner, arrived at 5-something but it didn't open 'til 6pm. So we bummed around at the Gloria Jeans on Oxford Street. It feels much quicker walking up Oxford Street and then turning left onto Crown. We walked up the very quiet and secluded Liverpool Street and then turned right onto Crown Street. Nice scenic route.

It's pretty small. We had to fit 6 people around a 4 person booth. Had to grab 2 other chairs and add it to the end of the table. Once we were safely squashed into the booth I announced that I had to go to the toilet, which required lots of moving since I was seated closest to the wall and thus farthest from the end of the booth. Lots of people had to move for me to go to the toilet. XD

Chocolate malted milkshake $10.00

For the price, I was expecting a giant milkshake. I think it didn't end up being 10 bucks. I think it ended up being maybe 8 dollars or something. It said 10 on the menu but it was different on the receipt.

Dr Pepper $5.00

Backyard BBQ Beef Burger $16.00 (says $17 on online menu but I paid $16 when I went there back in May).
Smokey beef burger with bacon, homemade BBQ sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and coleslaw

The burgers come with a choice of either sweet potato fries or onion rings except the Ultimate Texas Chili Burger. I love onion rings. Love love love.

Texas Chili Cheese Burger $17.00
Texas style spicy beef chili, cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickle relish

Double cheeseburger $19.00.
Looking at the online menu, it appears they no longer serve this.

Mushroom & Caramelised Onion $16.00
Ground beef patty, Swiss brown mushrooms sauteed with caramelised onions and a blue cheese foam

Seafood jambalaya $28.00
Spicy rice dish served with an assortment of seafood, New Orleans andouille sausage and a sauce piquant

Chicken & Waffles $18.00
A Belgium waffle, southern fried chicken pieces, spinach, chicken stock reduction and a drizzle of maple syrup

My friend ordered this and poured maple syrup over everything. I don't like my sweet and savoury to mix. Maple syrup on chicken. XD

Our table after! 

We waited a long time for dinner. Like from 4pm or something. By the time we changed plans, walked there, discovered it wasn't open yet, waiting 'til it opened, then waiting for the food to arrive (which took longer than I expected) - we were really, really hungry. We devoured our food in a time that was shorter than it took for us to wait for the food. XD

The burgers, honestly, tasted like a Whopper from Hungry Jack's. Not to say they were bad but the sauce was similar. Well, for my burger anyway (I got the Backyard BBQ Burger). It was messy to eat with sauce dripping down my hands!

  • Find Jazz City Diner at 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst 2010, NSW.

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