Prague Beer Restaurant

My friends and I made a visit to this restaurant in Kings Cross back in May. After the fanmeet with One Way's Peter. I don't remember why I didn't post this at the time. Was I lazy or busy? Probably lazy. XD

Prague Beer Restaurant

Prague Beer Restaurant was suggested by a friend. We were planning to have dinner that night but nobody could figure out where to go so she just googled around and it came up. She was a little hesistant because it's not in the general city area. You have to catch the train to Kings Cross, if you're public transport-ing it, and walk a bit. But it's not really that far from the station at all once you figure out where you're going. My other friend suggested that we walk through a pub, Vegas Hotel, to get to the street because it was a total shortcut. But I find it awkward just walking through places like that. Like, similar to how I don't want to just go into a restaurant or store just to use the toilet. XD But it's not far from the station at all. It's located in a pretty quiet street. I wasn't expecting it to be a terrace house. I was surprised and delighted because I love terrace houses.

We were a group of 9 and we were seated on the balcony. Outside. It was May and it was pretty cold by then. But there was a gas heater which proved more than warm enough. I guess because we were all so close to it.

Traditional Dishes
Krusovice (lager).

Beer before anything else. XD The price escapes me. We bought a jug and I checked the online menu and the price for a jug is not there. We really liked this beer. This is the one the waitress suggested. By the way, we had a very awesome waitress. This beer went fast ...


And now for some not great food photos. It was dark and I didn't want to use flash. Anyway ...

Devil's Toast $9.90.
Crunchy fried bread with spicy minced meat & melted cheese.

Stuffed Mushrooms $11.90
Crunchy fried mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese served with home-made tartar sauce

Marinated Prawns $11.90
Marinated black tiger prawns cooked in creamy garlic & chilli sauce served with toasts

Everyone went for this. Love prawns. The sauce was pretty amazing.

Marinated Beef "Svickova" $22
Grandma's old secret recipe for beef marinated in creamy root - vegetable sauce served with steamed bread dumplings and cranberry sauce, slice of lemon & whipped cream

This is what I got. First of all, what I thought was mashed potato was whipped cream. I was wondering why that part was cold. I opted for one of the more traditional dishes because we should all try new things. It was more tangy and sweet than I thought it would be. I had a little trouble finding the meat because of all the sauce and perhaps also the dim lighting. I think I was full from beer and the entrees that I didn't really finish my meal. I guess I liked it. It's not a taste that I'm used to. If I had to choose whether it was good or bad. Well, it wasn't bad. But I didn't particularly love it.

Beef Goulash $22
Old Czech style beef goulash, slowly braised chunks of beef in onion based sauce served in freshly baked bread loaf with fresh onion rings

And I don't know the names of these ... horrible blogger.

If I go again I might try one of the more meatier dishes. Before going I was expecting the food to be more like Lowenbrau because, I don't know, the names of the restuarants sounded similar. XDD

And now some ridiculously sized dessert ...

From French Riviera, where else? XD

  • Find Prague Beer Restaurant at 42 Kellett Street, Potts Point 2011 NSW.
  • Find French Riviera at 68 Liverpool  Street, Sydney 2000.

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