NaruOne Korean Restaurant

About a week and a half ago my friends and I walked up Pitt Street to find somewhere to eat before Vivid Sydney. We wanted to go to Madang but as always there was a line. So we went to NaruOne which we had passed and paused over on our way to Madang.

I think it's pretty new. It looked very new and clean inside. Reminds me of the restaurants in KDramas. It has that kind of look about it. Maybe that's what they were going for. While we were in there it got pretty full and was mostly filled with Korean people. So, I guess if you wanted to you could pretend you were in Seoul or something. Lots of KPop playing as per usual of a Korean restaurant.

They also sell beer, soju, kim chi and I think other side dishes that you can take home. A six pack of Hite!

I have no memory of what the price or proper names of these food. My favourite thing has got to be that egg omelette thing. So good! It would be so amazing to have for breakfast.

Pricewise it's about the same price as any other Korean restaurant. The vibe of the place is very casual, warm and bright. I think maybe this restaurant replaced a video rental store or something. I think.

Would totally go there again.

  • Find NaruOne Korean Restaurant at 375 Pitt Street, Sydney, 2000.

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