Supanova 2011

Dalek on a shirt
Forgot to post what I wore! A Doctor Who shirt with a Dalek on it. My friend got it for me from her trip to London years ago. Took it out of its plastic wrap just to wear it on Sunday.

I went to Supanova last Sunday. Feels like so long ago now. All my days are rolling into one. My memory's fuzzy and have no real concept of anything anymore. I've spent the past 2 days following my last exam for this semester mostly sleep. Sick and sleepy. I guess since I had no exams left my body decided to let all the infection and sickness overtake me. Panadol is my lifesaver at the moment.

$5 Chips on a Stick! Cheaper than the ones in Chinatown at the Friday night markets.EDIT: Oh, I lied. The same product at the markets in Chinatown on Friday are $3.50 each. So cheaper. I remember it as more expensive because I paid for 2 thus making it $7 in my memory!

We were kinda done after a few hours. So my friend and I ate some Chips on a Stick while sitting in the grass in front of ANZ Stadium.

AND I HAVE A TARDIS KEY RING NOW. I was hoping to come away with something Doctor Who related. It doubles as an emergency money hider type thing. You can fold a note and shove it inside. That is so completely useful.

I didn't really have the money to get autographs from the "stars". I only really wanted to see James Marsters, Sean Maher and Gareth David-Lloyd but that costs money and I still had dinner that night to go to and pay for so ... maybe next time! There was lots of anime stuff and pretty hats and cute accessories but alas ... money. XDD

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