A day in the life of a law student who skips classes

So, I misread the announcements and it turned out that I didn't have a lecture today. I had a non-assessable seminar at 7pm and the plan was in the break between lecture and seminar I'd eat lunch with a few friends. Misreading the announcement really put me off going to my seminar. I got to the supposed lecture room and it was occupied with something that was not my lecture. I checked online and re-read the announcement. Then I just decided. Nah, let's just not go to class today. So I spent this afternoon and night in Sydneytown . Yays. Turned out to be such a nice sunny Sydney day too. I wore too many layers and was sweating so much while walking around town.

Here, have some photos!

Sands Street

In Hyde Park trying to take a photo of the runaway possum. XD

Shall do some food blog type entries, uh, later. It's late now. Need to photoshop some pics because they're dark-ish and I don't have photoshop on the laptop I'm using right now. Prague Beer Restaurant and Jazz City Diner ... so, yeah. Photos with word type things. Substantial words. XD

Meeting a friend who's visiting from Japan for yum cha tomorrow if I wake up early enough. I can't even think about food right now. Still so full from dinner.

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