I got some Ohno in the mail today!

So, I had some extra, disposable income leftover from my birthday and on a whim I went on ebay to look for some Arashi-related items. A couple of years back I use to buy a lot of stuff off ebay. A lot of Arashi-related things mostly. Anyway, I went on ebay and found searched for some Arashi stuff. And look! Goods from Ohno's Freestyle exhibition from 2008! Postcards! Cost only 25 bucks all together. Oh, gosh, I love the Australian dollar at the moment. Made it so affordable. There's Kaibutsu-kun pen on ebay that I have my eye on. XD

My item arrived this afternoon before I left for uni and I didn't open until I got home because I would have been totally distracted by taking photos and trying to blog it. I'm going to buy a frame and frame them like I saw someone on Flickr do.

(FYI, Arashi is a Japanese boy band and I love them so much. Ohno is the eldest and their leader and very, very talented at everything he touches!)


How was your hump day?

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