Because I had 2 hours free yesterday

I had 2 hours to kill yesterday so I headed to Kinokuniya because Twitter had reliably informed me that there was a sale on comics and manga because of the awesomeness that is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY this Saturday (7th May). I purchased GANTZ vol. 6 ($13.36 with 20% off, $10.69) and Superman: Earth One ($23.62 with 20% off, $18.90). So, all in all, $29.59. Buying manga is usually quite expensive so to buy manga at almost 10 bucks a piece is just amazing. Might make the most of it and buy some more!

GANTZ/6, Superman Earth One
Superman: Earth One, GANTZ/6
Superman: Earth One
Superman: Earth One
20% savings

Oh, how  I missed Superman. I remember seeing a post on LiveJournal about this new RPattz-like Superman. I read this last night, or rather this morning, and I think that my thoughts on this deserve a post of their own.

After purchasing my stuff from Kinokuiya I made my way to the Starbucks at Cockle Bay Wharf. On the way there I reached Clarence Street and spotted Maruyu Yumehiroba, that's the name that appears on my receipt. For simplicity, Maruyu. I first heard or rather read about it on Jennifer Lam's blog at this post. It's a $2.50 shop similar to 100 yen shops in Japan.

There are two levels. Downstairs is basically a convenience store. Firstly, let me say, the interior has much to be desired. The floor is made of old carpets and mats that smell like something familiar I just can't place. But that aside, it has a variety of Japanese snacks and drinks. I didn't really check prices because I wasn't there for food. Upstairs was the actual $2.50 store that I wanted to visit. It was smaller than what I imagined it would be and not everything is $2.50. I think I spied a 40-something dollar Hello Kitty umbrella. There was a variety of household items, kitchenware, random Hello Kitty and Pokemon products. There were also cosmetics but those weren't $2.50. They had Gatsby hair products for around 20 bucks. I spotted some Naive products, you know the one that Ohno advertises, and was so tempted. There's hair dye, false eyelashes, lip gloss and nail polish. I think, post-exams, I'll make a trip and get that Naive facial wash and some moisturiser if it's cheaper than AKA Cosmetics. XD


I felt really bad wandering around, alone, for what felt like forever so I purchased a $2.50 Charming Kitty Hand Mirror by Sanrio. Can never have too many mirrors.

Quick note about Starbucks, Cockle Bay Wharf. I think it's very pretty and clean inside compared to other Starbucks in Sydney. No wi-fi, I think, because I tried. Not as cramped as the others too. Still a bit noisy though but that really can't be helped. People are generally kinda loud when they're all talking at the same time. XD

So yeah ... XD

Happy Friday, you guys!

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