Do not disturb. I am studying ...

or not. Most of my classes are over for the semester. Only have a couple of tutes/seminars this week then done. But I'm so far behind in everything. I thought there was lots of time before my first exam. There's not. There's like 2 weeks. But I'm a horrible student and I procrastinate. This blog post right now is another act of procrastination as I try to catch up on all the lectures I've missed. My house is very cold and my dad insists on opening up all the doors to get "the smell out". Why? It's freezing. I'm walking around the house with a blanket. I study better when I'm not at home like at a coffee shop (as pictured below) or better yet - A LIBRARY.

Twinings Pure Green Tea

I bought a whole thing of green tea bags to get me through. That and coffee and someone else making me food is getting me through. XD

Anyone got some exam tips? I need to invest in some Red Bull. Or Mother since 7/11 Dollar Day is this Friday. Stock up on some Mother, yes/yes? But I have dinner plans and Vivid Sydney watching that night. Am I really gonna bring all that Mother around town?

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