I woke up in time to see a friend I haven't seen in like 1 1/2 years!

I kept on snoozing my alarm but I got an SMS at around 9am telling me to wake up and get dressed. So, I made myself coffee, checked twitter then got dressed. My friends and I were heading to the city to see a friend of ours from undergrad uni days who had been living in Japan for the past year and a half, though it didn't feel that long. (By the by, yesterday doesn't even feel like yesterday. I know I went to dinner and dessert in the city but I don't feel like it was yesterday.)

Meet my friend!

I made it in time for yum cha and for the longest time we were standing outside this place just waiting for others to arrive.

Our usual yum cha place in the city is Marigold. I love dumplings. Love, love, love. All sorts of goodness inside.

Yum cha!
Coins in different currencies!

After yum cha we headed over to Capitol Square (got some sticker photos and played some games) and to Galaxy World, souvenir store and Morning Glory in Market City.

Kinda want UGG boots now.

Market City

Then we headed off to Chinatown for Friday night markets! Amazing smells, sights and sounds! I should go more often!

Twisty Potato? I think that's what the stall called it. Remember Arashi no Shukudai-kun and they had the machine that made this food and it was censored becauase it was still being patented? YEAH. LOOK IT SPREAD. I LOVE IT FOREVER BECAUSE OF ARASHI. Only $3.50 at the Chinatown Friday night markets. Comes in different flavours too.

Dixon St

We then back to Capitol to kill some time while waiting another friend. Walked around and saw all the pretty, expensive Japanese phones in the stores on the second level beyond all the games and sticker photo booths. But eventually it led back to the games. Well, just one - pachinko. Still don't know how it works.

Around 5:30ish we headed back up towards Town Hall area, said goodbye to our friend who's going back to Osaka on Sudnay and had dinner at Pepper Lunch. Been so long! Had the beef curry - $9.90. Want to try the J-Curry next time. My friends had it and it looked so so good!


Beef curry - not yet mixed
Beef curry - not yet mixed.

Beef curry all mixed
Beef curry - mixed.

Headed for drinks up and across the road at the Pavilion Hotel where my friend was working behind the bar for the night. We only got to see him once before he had to work at the bar downstairs. I did not know how to take a good photo of these drinks. No idea. Tried so many times. XD


Such a long and busy Friday. I so thought that I was going to be home much earlier. Like, while it was still daylight. Ended up at home about 10pm which is still relatively early compared to other people's Fridays. How was yours? Straight back into uni work. Must study. Been bludging all week!

  • Find Marigold at 5/683-689 George Street, Haymarket, NSW.
  • Find Pepper Lunch at 537 George Street, Sydney, NSW.
  • Find Pavilion Hotel at 580 George Street, Sydney, NSW.

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