Friday, Friday ...

So, my Friday was rather more busy than usual. I went to the fan meet for One Way's Peter Hyun at Hyde Park. I don't really know who he is. I watched a couple of One Way's covers on YouTube, which were pretty good. I went, with my friends, solely for the reason that he's a part of the whole KPop thing. I think he's friends wit Donghae from Super Junior so only 1 degree of separation! That's how that works, right?

He arrived just past 2pm and a whole bunch of girls screamed. Loudly. The whole gaggle of girls, and a couple of guys, moved around the fountain to find a spot to have a meet and greet. There was whole line of fans waiting patiently to get an autograph and photo with him. Kathy, the organiser, had some pre-signed photos that she gave away for free. From what I gathered she paid for the printing of all of them. So generous. I would have charged people for them. XD

My friends and I lined up for maybe an hour to meet him. I really didn't have much to say. I got an autograph for my friend, to a photos of him with my friends and then got a group photo with him. He seemed pretty nice. Said something along the lines of "I'm sorry about the wait" even though he'd be standing for an hour and a half, maybe, by the time we got to him. Still has an Aussie accent. Talked about exams and how he hated exams. But he was nice. He had a nice aura about him.

And some photos. From afar. If you were there, I wonder if you could figure out who I am from the angle of these photos. If you have, gosh, I hope I didn't look like a complete [insert expletive here] or anything. XDDD


After the fan meet Peter and some fans went to the food court in the new Westfield on Pitt Street for some gelato. Peter posted a pic of the gelato on his twitter. So, this part was kind of awkward. I was with a few friends and if you were there you may remember us sitting quite near but apart the table that Peter sat on. Oh, this is just awkward typing it out. My friend knows one of the organisers (or was there only one organiser?) and she invited us to this after fan meet casual thing. It was completely awkward for us so we just did our own anti-social thing as usual. Besides, I guess we didn't really have much to talk to him about anyway. A couple of more friends of ours arrived away so we had a good ol' chat amongst ourselves as we were killing time before dinner. (We had a 7:30 reservation at a restaurant in Potts Point. A blog post on that tomorrow.) I didn't take any photos there because that would have seemed ultra creepy.

So, yeah. All in all a fun fan meet. The only one I've been to but it was fun. Lots of very enthusiastic fans. And the guy, his friend I suppose, that was with him all day was pretty cute too!

Not a terribly good photo when cropped. I took 2 group photos of my friends and yeah, this cut and paste job looks horrendous. Peter and my friends did not look at the camera at the same time at all! Oh, and the photoshop job I did to it is horrible. Might replace this photo later.

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