Random photos from my flickr

I had a rather quiet Saturday night. The day started off with the promise of study and I woke up late, did not make it to the library and just most of the day in front of the computer. Then suddenly, as if struck by a great desire to procrastinate, I decided to go through all my photos and edit and upload them to flickr. Here are some selected shots and I promise to make it to the library soon. (^.^)

Cute baby tigers
Chowking halo halo
Flinders Street Station

A mix of Philippines, Sydney and Melbourne. Mostly Phils. I'm hoping to go back soon because I didn't really get to do or see everything that a tourist should. My dad has like been everywhere already so I guess he didn't want to go see everything again. That and he has no idea how to be a good tour guide. XD

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